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About Us

Our History and background

JASPA Freight Ltd is a medium sized clearing and forwarding company located at J.K.I.A Nairobi, where we provide efficient and effective clearing and forwarding services. We strive to ensure that our clients are guaranteed personal attention at all times, coupled with efficiency as far as forwarding is concerned.

Our mission is to offer you the greatest possible assistance in your International Cargo movement that will save you both valuable time and money. We are confident that our agency has the capability of providing professional, logistical services and a company like yours requires operation freight management services and information of the highest possible standards.

JASPA Freight Ltd is fully aware of the need to mediate and provide its clientele with services related to:-

  • - Freight Forwarding
  • - Cargo Imports clearance
  • - Warehousing
  • - Trans-shipment
  • - Break bulking
  • - Export Forwarding
  • - Documentation
  • - Re-packaging
  • We pride ourselves in being recognised as one of the most reliable and affordable logistics company in the country. We have excelled in providing a wide range of 1st class logistics services. Our many years of experience in this business of logistics, warehousing, distribution and documentation provides our clients with convenient, reliabile and affordable services.

    Our experienced workforce with extensive industry knowledge, helps us in customer order requests processing and delivery response time. Our goal is to build long term relationship with you.

    We are one of the most comprehensive logistic service providers in the the country. And, with the help of continuous support and trust of our clients, we aim to stay at the top of the game ahead of competition. Our advanced and efficient equipment, custom tailored services to meet specific customer needs guarantees lower costing overheads to our clients. Contact our logistic experts for your specific logistic needs, and sit back and let us deliver to your expectation.